Saturday, 27 September 2008


I really do love ball point pens..
-ignore the first guys head.. I was bored by the time I got to his face.

rough pop art version

I can never draw the same thing twice

or paint an even surface in one colour

but nevertheless

I enjoy it :P

[ Please note the attractive dog ear corner in the top right :P ]

Boredom Resulting in Hippies.

I'm not entirely sure what this woman is smoking but hey...

I thought I should paint her
although I wasn't planning on the lopsided face..
I'd like to say it loses something in the scanning process but I'm not sure that's emtirely true.

Monday, 22 September 2008


I was told I should blog

so here is my sorry attempt at it XD

a few years ago I received a book all about illustrating.. although it is supposed to help it's rather discouraging because the author is a genius ..

but I had a go at doodling something from it.. because i found an UBER sharp HB pencil which made me smile :)

I was meant to be doing cw but women with disproportionate necks& cheek bones are much more fun ;)